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New Lawyer In Capen Case Sues Pokorny LLC, Too

Story Update: Not long after the original lawsuit was filed by attorney Howard Marks on October 3, something happened – or, more accurately – didn’t happen: The City was never served with the lawsuit.As noted in the Circuit Court Register of Actions, Marks left the case the day after the original lawsuit was filed. A […]

WP Comp Plan/Codes “Impediments to Economic Development?”

Story Update: In the first half of the joint EDAB/P&Z workshop held on August 15, WRT consultant, Silvia Vargas, explained her study of Winter Park’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code — and the numerous changes the study proposes.The City-commissioned study summarizes the purpose of the Comp Plan and Land Development Code (LDC) this way: “If […]

Proposed Park Ave. Restaurant Zoning Bans Fast Food

On Tuesday, August 6, Winter Park’s Planning and Zoning board sent a significantly reworked restaurant zoning proposal on to the City Commission.The board voted unanimously to support the proposal that was put together by an informal Task Force comprised of Chamber of Commerce officials, local merchants and Frank Hamner, the attorney for the Holler family, […]

Commissioners & Preservationists Make Nice

At last Monday’s City Commission meeting it was clear that the key players in the Winter Park’s historic preservation drama had decided to moderate the tone of the debate. Mayor Bradley singled out Casa Feliz as a “wonderful example of private preservation” and complimented Casa Feliz and the WP Historical Association for “releasing a beautiful […]

Proposed Fine Dining Ordinance “Dangerous & Hypocritical”? Ordinance Tabled (Again)

5/19/13 Story Update: Last Monday’s Commission discussion of fast food and fine dining standards generated plenty of dire predictions and hypotheticals, but no ultimate resolution. In an effort to keep fast food restaurants from overrunning Park Avenue, the Commission ran over the City’s proposed ordinance time and again trying to make sense of it. After […]

Mica on P.O./Central Park Deal: Last Time, “All Hell Broke Loose.” This Time, Citizens Must Be United.

On Monday, April 15, during a commission-sponsored work session, Congressman John Mica shared his views on how the city might finally convince the US Postal Service (USPS) to move the Winter Park Post Office farther north on New York Avenue – thereby freeing up land that could be used to expand Central Park. The USPS […]

Ravaudage CDD Final Vote Set for Monday

4/8/13 Story Update: This afternoon, after a long discussion of the property rights of landowners and businesses that reside within the Ravaudage development, the City Commission voted unanimously to approve the Ravaudage CDD. WP Chamber of Commerce CEO, Patrick Chapin spoke on behalf of the CDD. 4/7/13 Story Update: Chances are good that on Monday, […]