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Commission Heeds the Will of the (Tennis) People

Last Monday, the City Commission chamber filled up fast with supporters of the current management at Winter Park’s Azalea Lane Tennis Center. In the three years High Performance Sports Management has run the Tennis Center, HPSM president Angie Zguna has made a lot of friends – and at Monday’s City Commission meeting, Angie’s friends stood […]

Auditor Quits. Cites City “Appearance” Concerns

2/11/13 Story Update: City Auditor Bernadette Britz-Parker has withdrawn from her position with the city and will be replaced by another member of her firm, James Halleran. In a letter sent to the city (see button below) and obtained by the Voice today, Ms. Britz-Parker states that she has maintained the “Independence in Fact” and […]

It’s Over. Disqualified Candidate Withdraws

1/24/13 Story Update: City Commissioner Steve Leary Criticizes Voice Coverage of His Involvement in Johnston Campaign. In an email received by the Voice late this afternoon, Commissioner Steve Leary took issue with our characterization of him as a “key supporter” of Ross Johnston’s candidacy. Today’s email is Mr. Leary’s first contact with the Voice regarding the […]

City Commission Election Canceled?!

Time ran out yesterday for would-be candidates planning to run against Commissioners Cooper or McMacken. Cooper and McMacken – holders of Commission seats 3 and 4 respectively – are up for re-election in March of 2013. Prior to Tuesday, neither Commissioner had any opposition. The deadline for opposing candidates to file was Tuesday, January 8 […]

Anti-Protest Ordinance Triggers Lawsuit

On October 16, three local pro-life activists, Winnifred Bell, Allura Lightfoot and Deanna Waller filed suit in federal court to overturn Winter Park’s recently adopted anti-protest ordinance. Judge Roy Dalton, Jr. denied the plaintiffs’ Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order, but will consider granting a Preliminary Injunction to stop enforcement of the ordinance pending a […]

City Officials On the Spot in Workshop Q&A

On Tuesday night, October 9, City Manager Randy Knight hosted a well-attended workshop whose purpose was to explore proposed changes to Winter Park’s Tree Preservation Ordinance. Even though the lead-up to the workshop caused some heartburn on the City Commission , citizens at Tuesday’s workshop took full advantage of the opportunity to speak their […]

Strangers at the Door: Anatomy of a Protest

One day in mid-August, Jenna Tosh, President of Planned Parenthood/Orlando, found a disturbing flyer sitting unstamped in her mailbox. Hers was one of many, left by protest supporters who had moved through the neighborhood quietly distributing the flyers. The message was clear. They wanted Jenna and her neighbors to know — We’re Coming. On Saturday, […]

Commission Yields to Citizen Concerns: Schedules Tree Preservation Workshops: Schedules Tree Preservation Workshop

At their September 10 meeting, City Commissioners agreed to put off a vote on Tree Preservation Ordinance changes until a citizen workshop could be convened. The panel acknowledged receiving critical letters from citizens concerned about the proposed changes. The discussion opened old fault lines on the Commission — with the Mayor hinting that citizens had been […]