Howell Branch Chain Saw Massacre

by Anne Mooney / June 5, 2021 Once again, 1298 Howell Branch Road is in the news. There is no memory care facility this time, just four lots for single family homes. Sound simple? We’ve been here before. Developer changes ...
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Open Letter to Mayor and Commissioners

We Need More Quiet Zones – Protect Progress Point by Guest Columnist Charley Williams / May 26, 2021 A friendly ...
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$13 Million in Stimulus Funds Earmarked for Winter Park

by Anne Mooney / May 11, 2021 Winter Park stands to receive almost $13 million in federal stimulus funds earmarked ...
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Killarney Estates – No Longer the ‘Forgotten Triangle’

Can the City Reunite the Neighborhood? In late January, plans to build the Henderson Hotel in the triangle bordered by ...
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Election Recap 2021

How Winter Parkers Saw the March 9 Election by Anne Mooney / March 17, 2021 In an effort to make ...
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‘Blatant Collusion’ Question Frays City-Chamber Relationship

by Anne Mooney / February 12, 2021 The Commission met Feb. 11 to discuss the deteriorating relationship between the City ...
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Special Commission Meeting Called Over Chamber Flap

1:00 p.m. -- Thursday, February 11, 2021 by Anne Mooney / February 9, 2021 After cancelling the February 10 regular ...
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