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Anne Mooney / January 7, 2015 / Read & Input Comments

After some to-ing and fro-ing, Winter Park has finally settled into the 2015 election cycle. The period during which candidates could qualify to run ended yesterday at noon. City Communications Director Clarissa Howard confirmed that two candidates, Steven Leary and Cynthia Mackinnon, will oppose each other in the race for mayor. Two candidates, Greg Seidel and Gary Brewer, will run for Commission Seat #1, which is being vacated by Leary.


Shambeck Drops Out

The third candidate for commission, Willow Shambeck, withdrew from the race and threw her support behind Gary Brewer. She also endorsed Steve Leary for mayor.


Shambeck, President and Broker of Cursor Realty Commercial, stated, “. . .I have decided it is better to withdraw my candidacy for Winter Park City Commissioner. With the addition of a third candidate, the race will require nearly 100% of my time and resources to run a February Primary Election and a March General Election . . . which I unfortunately cannot afford to dedicate at this stage in my business.”


General Election – March 10

The fact that there will be no primary election significantly simplifies the election schedule shown in the chart below.


Special Election 2015 Section in The Voice

The Voice will feature a special Election 2015 section. To see candidate profiles, interviews, filings, positions on various issues and other stories as they are published about Winter Park’s very own annual reality show, click on the “Election 2015” button in the upper right portion of your screen. 


Campaign Treasurer’s Reports can be found on the City of Winter Park website at

Read & Input Comments 

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