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Fiscal Conservative
February 27, 2015

1) Who hired Rowe to moderate?

2) How much money traded hands?

3) Who’s money was it?

February 28, 2015

Nice to see democracy at work…cordial, civil debate. Nice if we could put both of them in office.

Carol Sawyer Lotspeich
February 28, 2015

First I would like to thank the Winter Park Voice for providing live electronic coverage of our Mayor debates. I have intently listened to them all from my Mexican home away from home. Along with discussions about trees, brick streets, walking and biking paths, parks, upscale shops and homes, traffic, no one has mentioned the one resource that enabled the birth of Winter Park. WHAT ABOUT OUR LAKES. What would happen to Winter Park if our lakes were no longer usable. It is my opinion that water quantity and quality needs to supersede all else to maintain the future of Winter Park.

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