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Peter J. Weldon
March 25, 2015

Geri, thank-you for a very helpful review. I do not fully agree with your assessment of earlier “rancorous debate and narrowly split votes” as I believe the documented tally of votes since Leary and Sprinkle were first seated in 2011 is that at least 93% were either unanimous or 4 to 1.

Your closing paragraph is very helpful as I find most citizens do not understand the limited authority of the mayor. The only unique power of the mayor as you point out is to appoint people to city boards and even then he needs two other votes to confirm such appointments. The mayor’s role in presiding over meetings is a responsibility, not a power per se, as any three members of the commission can change an agenda and redirect discussion.

I think is is very important that citizens understand our governing structure before drawing conclusions and your article helps that end.

Rancor that exists in Winter Park political discourse is sourced in those who make uninformed statements and rally public support around falsehoods, spreading mistrust of our elected officials and city staff. We need to work together to re-enforce the reasons we should trust our elected officials and your article is constructive in that regard.

Business Manager
March 26, 2015

Pete: 93%? Must remember that the majority of those votes are for minute approval, resolutions for Art King day, mundane items. McMacken has been a champion for the tree canopy and reducing density on all 4 lane roads.

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