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Business Manager
March 17, 2015

By my tally, that is over 11,000 apartments! Bradley, and now Leary continue to talk about looking to being “regional” players. Something that has kept Winter Park beautiful is not to adopt the regional plan. To be different. Most of the Central Florida region is T shirt shops, strip malls, mediocre architecture and congestion. The trip to the airport is dismal. I might support higher density so that we preserve our wetlands/wildlife but what seems to be happening is that there continues to be infill that destroys OUR way of life AND there continues sprawl. With Scotts dismantling of the Department of Community Affairs, there doesn’t seem to be anyone coordinating smart growth…it’s just GROWTH. Leary’s supporters, land use attorneys, developers, realtors, continue to move dirt and we are headed for another “bubble”. This time apartments.

sick of density
March 24, 2015

The Winter Park we know is a thing of the past. Thanks to the ridiculous density (getting worse by the minute) of Baldwin Park, Lakemont is destined to be bumper to bumper at all hours of the day. Ale House going to be overcrowded soon— and the Wawa has already made the intersection a nightmare as the traffic now lags in BOTH southbound lanes of 1792. Trader Joes, no need to elaborate…. and now we bought the booby trap. What is going on here? Cleary the tail is wagging the dog with our elected officials. Fittingly the tail end is the part they most resemble…….

And don’t even get me started on the legitimized shake down artists that spend their days enriching themselves suing the greedy businessmen (who will build to try and make the most profits knowing most of it will go over to the lawyers)……

We’re living in Winter Park but it’s more like a cross between Dynasty meets Boss Hogg

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