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Virgie Story
March 3, 2015

I am the former Miss Winter Park, 1984, Virgie Story. I also happen to be a black female or negro female. I felt the need to address my ethnicity, based on the attack on Mayoral Candidate Cynthia Mckinnon, being marked as a racist by the Leary campaign. Candidate Leary, the word Negro or Negro township does not offend me in any way. I was at the debate sponsored by The League of Women Voters held at the University Club. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Mckinnon for the first time, and I can say without doubt, she is not a racist. I am shocked that anyone would refer to her as being such. I can tell you that I did gather an opinion about Mrs. Mckinnon. That being, she cares deeply about the citizens of Winter Park , no matter their race, creed, or color. I found that she cares deeply about the citizens being included in any changes being made in the city. Mrs. Mckinnon has a Iifetime vested in the community. Oh, and by the way, she’s the one candidate in the roo m that made an effort to speak to me, and it had nothing to do with my race. I found her to be a person of wisdom and intelligence, with a genuine care for us as humans. I say to any person or persons that wants to make this mayoral race about branding their opponent as a racist, to look deep within, and check themselves. I believe Mrs. Mckinnon will make a fine mayor. Let the citizens of Winter Park choose a mayor based on facts and not falsities.

Ed Sabori
March 3, 2015

Given the emphasis placed on civility and constructive input by both candidates, I say we all quit reading the mailers and editorials and perhaps WP Perspective and WP Voice. The candidate sites (as well as WP Voice and WP Perspective) have links to the debates. Why not contrast and compare the first debate with the final two (WP Library & Rollins) and make your decision based on the responses from the actual candidates. Relative to Ms. Flynn’s accusatory comments, any reference to the issue she refers to was in response to a question from the audience, which I assume was one of those ‘decent citizens’ that saw the Sentinel interview. Ms. Flynn is entitled to her personal views, I just wish they did not seem so full of innuendo.

Donna Gropper
March 3, 2015

Bravo to Sally Flynn! That’s exactly how I feel. I’m bombarded with negative emails and letters attacking Ms. MacKinnon. I emailed Steve Leary to tell him how I felt about this tactic. One of the emails even detailed Ms. Mackinnon’s political contributions, as if I care about her exercising her right to contribute to whoever the heck she wants. As I told Mr. Leary, we have insanity in national politics, where negative rhetoric has replaced common sense. We don’t need that here in Winter Park. Argue the issues, make your point, and then let the voters decide. All of this makes me want to vote for Cynthia MacKinnon even more!

Race to the Top
March 3, 2015

Leary’s decision to use white T-shirts for his campaign, rather than a neutral or color-blind color, proves that Leary is a racist.

Of course I’m not serious about that, but this makes about as much sense as Leary’s racial innuendo against Mackinnon.

Race baiting has long been used in this country as a political tactic, and often very effectively. In Leary’s case, he uses it to distract from his record in office. And the longer he can stretch out the “Negro Town” story, keep it in the news, and keep voters focused on it, the less likely anyone is to look too closely at what he has done in office during the past four years.

Whether or not he convinces voters that Mackinnon’s comment about the history of the West Side means she’s unfit for public office makes no difference to him. What matters to Leary is that, with only one week to go in this campaign, the story distracts voters from learning the truth about Steve Leary, and what he’s tried to do to Winter Park as Commissioner during his four years in office.

Like a basketball game, Leary is using the tactic to “run out the clock,” dribbling the ball without much time left in the game. Not doing anything productive, just frustrating the opposite team, by keeping the ball away from them.

And now that I’ve used the word “basketball,” here in this comment, Leary will probably say I am a racist too.

But, that’s politics in Winter Park.

J Tensfeldt
March 3, 2015

Enough from both campaigns on this! I will vote based on the issues and positions you both present that are critical to moving our city into the future. Is this really the point you want to use to different yourselves?

Sick of the bias on both sides
March 3, 2015

I thoroughly appreciate the WPV coverage of the Winter Park Mayoral race and thus far it is has been largely even and unbiased. However the 3/3/15 email covering only one side is disgraceful for a legitimate news organization. Allowing 2 or 3 people to publicly trash one candidate while not including a rebuttal from the other side shows serious bias and a lack of journalistic integrity. Regardless of who wins the race, there should be civility and fair play on both sides as the entire city will have to live with the outcome. Shame on both candidates for any attempts to make the race personal & dirty, and equal shame on WPV for joining in the deplorable behavior. Focus on the issues and people will listen.

Pete Weldon
March 3, 2015

Sally, please show us where Leary has accused Mackinnon of anything. It is Mackinnon, a retired lawyer and judge, who has accused Leary without any evidence whatsoever of illegally engaging in partisan campaigning, of calling Mackinnon a racist, and of having his votes influenced by developers. Mackinnon postures as a great bastion of character when her campaign exists primarily of undocumented attacks on Leary and assertions based only on guilt by association. A lawyer and judge would be expected to have more respect for the facts than Mackinnon has evidenced.

Sally, on a separate subject, can you tell the people of Winter Park how much money you have contributed to Winter Park Voice and to Anne Mooney?

March 3, 2015

This editorial is so blatantly one sided that it in itself should should be ignored by the intelligent voters. Don’t insult my intelligence by presuming I our anyone else shares your views on what is racist or not. Using the term “Negro” anything is considered racist nowadays and certainly ANY use of that term by anyone running for political office is foolish and very difficult to back out of. By the same token McKinnon can now use any racial slur as long it is historically accurate. How silly of an excuse. How many racial slurs can you think of that are historically accurate but would be considered unspeakable and offensive to the masses?

Dayna Priest
March 3, 2015

Thank you, Sally Flynn

R. Rue
March 3, 2015

The letter below was written in response to a guest column which appeared in the on-line blog Winter Park Voice.Â

The column, written by Winter Park resident, Sally Flynn, asserts that Steve Leary, candidate for mayor of Winter Park, is guilty of calling his opponent, Cynthia McKinnon, a racist , based on a comment she made during an interview with the Orlando Sentinel a few weeks ago.Â

During that interview, Ms. McKinnon referred to the West Side of Winter Park as “Negro Town” and she and her campaign have been busy back pedaling since.  Ms. Flynn’s column is just the latest attempt by the McKinnon campaign to obfuscate the reality of what happened, by creatively blaming her opponent, Steve Leary.

I have watched with amusement as candidate McKinnon and her fervent followers do all that they can to erase the monumental miss-speak spoken by Ms McKinnon during her interview with the Sentinel.Â

I am not even old enough to remember when or where the term “Negro Town” was acceptable vernacular.Â

At first, her reaction to her blunder was to explain that she was only using the historic term used in the labeling of the plats of early Winter Park. But after a carefully researched article that appeared in the East Orlando Post, documenting that the term “Negro Town” was no where evident in the historic plats of the city of Winter Park, the knee jerk reaction of her and her campaign became to create a “straw dog” to deflect attention from her colossal blunder.Â

The distraction created by the McKinnon campaign has been to feign offense and hurl accusations that Ms. McKinnon’s opponent, Steve Leary, had the temerity to label her a “racist” for making the aforementioned blunder. So we see a candidate cause a problem for herself and then try to find absolution by claiming it was all her opponent’s fault .

Hummmmmm There is only one problem with this picture. After working closely with Steve Leary during two prior campaigns, I never witnessed him running a negative campaign … EVER.  To the contrary, he goes out of his way to stay positive and limit his comments to the goals of his campaign and his qualifications to do the best job possible.

Accusing him of such a vile comment is simply total fiction and certainly not in his nature. He is a kind, generous and dedicated community minded person who is willing to endure the kind of questionable politics that always comes from the core group of people who are supporting Ms. McKinnon. Winter Park is fortunate to have a qualified person like Steve Leary willing to run for office.

It would be interesting, in this day and age when everything imaginable is recorded and/or videoed, if someone could supply proof that this ever happened. I don’t mean a rabid McKinnon fan stating that he/she “heard” it, I mean real PROOF! I say this easily, because I am sure none exists.

Too Bad
March 3, 2015

Sally Flynn does not represent Winter Park. How does Sally Flynn know Winter Park is angered? The problem here is simple. The Voice and like most their readers and columnists are liberals and don’t like the fact that Mackinnon is being called out for what she truly is. Why didn’t Sally Flynn — EDITED BY WPV TO REMOVE PERSONAL ATTACKS/NAME CALLING — mention the incorrect facts and misrepresentations Mackinnon has made about Leary in an article in The Winter Park Observer that she used as a political mailer? This is the kind of political rubbish the liberal democrats use when they can’t argue on the facts correctly. Even the left leanning Orlando Sentinel endorsed Leary.

Ed Sabori, WP Resident
March 3, 2015

Given my 30+ year friendship with Cindy Mackinnon, in December of 2014 I promised her that should she determine that the Leary campaign was unfairly and untruthfully maligning her in any way, since I was going to continue supporting Steve Leary, I would personally confront him with any of those types of concerns. I also mentioned that I would hold her to the same standard. All I asked was that she be specific and factual. She responded by stating that she did not think it would be necessary since she considered Steve unlikely to engage in lies and innuendo. So after reading Ms. Flynn’s comments, all I ask is for an example of where Steve Leary has called Cindy Mackinnon a racist. Either written or in one of the videotaped debates found on this site or any other site. I have attended all the debates and have not heard anything near that kind of accusation from Steve Leary. Finally, even if Negro Town were listed on a plat, I can’t help but wonder what Cindy Mackinnon was thinking as the cameras were rolling at the Sentinel candidate interview, knowing that it would probably be viewed by more than one political pundit, let alone a bunch of Winter Park citizens from both sides of the railroad tracks. Again, please, will someone show me the transparency advocated by this forum.

March 3, 2015

Sally Flynn’s criticism of the Leary campaign is a “gem”. If anyone is responsible for the negative turn in this election, it is Mackinnon and her team, rather than Leary. I for one, will be glad when the election comes and goes. While Ms. Mackinnon couldl be a capable mayor, this election should not even be close. Mr. Leary is FAR MORE qualified to lead the City of Winter Park than his opponent.

March 3, 2015

The email I received from some East Orlando Post not only charged Mrs Mackinnon with racist remarks but also listed a $250 contribution to Val Demmings’ congressional campaign. Huh?
Have we ever had a nastier campaign? Mr Leary is a masterful politician. If you haven’t noticed, he can look you in the eye, misremember (Brian Williams-speak for lie), deny he ever said it, and not even blush. Could be he’s sees a future in Washington.

Business Manager
March 3, 2015

What I find most interesting about this campaign is Leary’s “stretch” of his accomplishments…first ever Urban Forestry plan, only candidate that worked to reduce the size of the high density Paseo Apts, and most outrageous – he is fiscally conservative & responsible for the reserves. First, I worry that this “I” mentality doesn’t bode well for team work. Next, measures were put in place by David Strong long before Steve was elected, to start increasing the reserves after the devastating budget busting 2004 hurricanes; buying the electric co and the buyout of Steve’s campaign contributor Allan Keen’s Carlisle to protect Central Park – supported by citizen’s overwhelmingly.

Steve has certainly done his best to spend taxpayer $’s in the last few votes including:
-$1m to our Democratic Mayor to the South for the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center at the detriment of WP non profits -Attempted to spend $6m for a parking garage across from his building for minor league baseball near a historic neighborhood. Some would questions his business acumen buying a million dollar property without enough parking. Plus, economic development hardly follows minor league baseball as he promised… only low wage, part-time, seasonal work. -Tried to buy a $3.2m bowling alley disguised as “park space” immediately adjacent to highly congested Fairbanks WITHOUT an appraisal -Bought a booby shaped bar with tax dollars for just under $1m and $160k OVER appraisal

While it’s easy to get cranked up about name calling, the real issue is will he make good decisions for the City. I think not. This “business leader”, American Studies major has merely been a member of a voting block that would allow high density, costly projects that will spoil the very nest he lives in. He is voting his pocketbook not what is good for Winter Park.

Steve Goldman
March 3, 2015

I’m always amused by local politicians that forget they will have to live in this community after their political life is long over. Remember that your opponents are also your neighbors.

Defiently not Peter Weldon
March 3, 2015

Both sides are doing a horrible job of sticking to the issues. Leary is more polished and has a team in politics that are fast at hitting McKinnon. McKinnon is late to the starting gate and is swinging like a wild child in her first fight. McKinnon says she asked for the party to stop helping her campaign and in some places they did and others places they did not. Leary said he would not ask for them to stop and in fact appreciate the fact they support him how they choose to. Two very different approaches to the same issue. Both seem to care about trees. McKinnon seems to care about how many trees and Leary to removing the dead ones and using as few as possible to get the same coverage. (ie saving money) Both are sound ways to solve the issue but different. This race issue is really not needed. Mckinnon used a term for a town that many have used before. It was not in the best taste but I believe it was to point out the even though the name has been cleaned up ove r the years, that area is still being treated at a second class place. Leary was smart to distance himself from the comment and state that he would not use those terms, but to continue was a mistake in my opinion. The best part of a debate and the election process as a whole is to look at what is different. if I had my way they would remove the two mayoral candidates and Make Gary Brewer the Mayor again and have Greg Siedel be the commission seat. They both have show integrity and non-partisanship toward this election. I spoke to each of the candidates and was impressed with meeting Mr. Siedel. he was the only one that did not have a canned greeting and response. Personally I liked that. But for this election we have no choice but to pick one side or the other. So take a look at the issues, look how they handled what has come up. Look at the past and how it has affected Winter Park, and then vote what feels right for you.

Steve Lost My Vote
March 3, 2015

I agree with Dr Barker and Ms Flynn regarding Mr Leary’s comments. I find his remarks disgusting and inflammatory to the degree that I sent in my absentee ballot this past weekend voting for Ms MacKinnon. Anybody trying to bring racism into the mayor’s race is just not worthy of my time or my vote. Similar to you Sally, I find Steve’s comments disgraceful and Dr Barker, although I know you and respect you I don’t believe you will be seeing a public withdrawal of any comments from Mr Leary. That would take character which I believe Steve is lacking. Sorry, I say it as it is and hope that the WPV publishes my opinion. If anyone is on the fence in this election, do yourself and Winter Park residents a favor. Vote for MacKinnon.

Beth Hall
March 3, 2015

I wish I could say I am surprised at what Leary is doing now by insinuating that Mackinnon is a racist. But I am not. Here is why:

The first cracks in the dam in terms of Leary’s campaign ethics appeared early. When an article by Tim Freed appeared in the Observer newspaper entitled “Cashing In On Development”, some corrections and clarifications were made to the original article after it appeared. The underlying theme, the basic premise of the article remained unchanged. Leary, et al raced to circulate campaign pieces stating-incorrectly- that the Observer article had been “retracted”. To this day the article has not been retracted. Leary & his campaign people met face to face with Observer staff AT THE TIME and were told that there would be no retraction and no apology. The corrected version of the article remains on line for all to see. The gist of the article is unchanged from the outset. The Observer staff intends it this way. They also question Mackinnon’s actions when they think it is warranted. Don’t we want this from our newspaper?

Leary is seemingly quite comfortable continuing to use 2 words (retraction and correction) interchangeably that are by no means interchangeable. I have spoken to both Tim Freed (author of the piece) and Isaac Babcock (editor) and this is how I know the Observer told Leary there would be no retraction. Leary has not let the position of the Observer interfere with his narrative.

The second crack appeared over the introduction of political partisanship into the non-partisan city races. Two candidates, Mackinnon and Brewer, declined offers of party assistance with their campaigns. They did so despite the fact that the parties could spend considerable sums of money and lots of manpower trying to get them elected. Seidel, an independent, did not draw the same kind of party attention that the other candidates did so they did not interfere in his race with Brewer.

Leary took a different approach. He opted to give “lip service” to the idea that the Winter Park mayoral race OUGHT to be non-partisan. Then he took all the help the local GOP could offer and the mailers began.

In other words, he said one thing and did quite another.

An article here at the WP Voice has made it clear that candidates declining offers of partisan assistance had their wishes respected. Though it cost her in terms of manpower and massive mailing campaigns, Mackinnon took the high road and honored the non partisan spirit of the race. Leary paid it lip service.

Third, I have noted through the course of the debates that Leary maintains that he cannot figure out just how he views Paseo. He has said he does not know if he likes it or not. He says he wants to wait for the “build out” to be complete. He says once it is “built out” he can perhaps make up his mind.

The trouble with this is that Paseo is ALREADY there for all to see. I suggest you drive by if you have not done so. Go ALLLLL the way around that mammoth structure. There are no buildings yet to be built. It is there, it’s painted, the garage is there, etc. Previously Leary is on record as being in favor of the Paseo and viewing it as a tremendous thing for the City of WP. Now, with a hotly contested election going on he seems to have amnesia of some kind.

To this voter, it appears that he just would prefer not to take a stance if that stance might not further his ambition to be elected mayor. Voters DESERVE nothing less than to know where candidates stand. Cleary and unequivocally. We know where Mackinnon stands on Paseo. Leary may make up his mind at a future date. We don’t know.

Weldon suggested to me that Leary was perhaps waiting to see if the landscaping improved the Paseo . Unless we will be taking delivery of giant California redwoods, or stands of jungle bamboo several stories high, I don’t believe landscaping can obscure that towering , sprawling complex from view or make it look of an appropriate scale.

These ethical considerations have given me pause. The latest ethical lapse, that is engaging in unwarranted character assassination and name calling is disappointing but not particularly surprising. GOP mailers touting Leary while castigating Mackinnon for supporting Obama now give way to Leary calling Mackinnon a racist. Leary looks to this voter to be a candidate who likes to have it both ways…any way and anything goes in the quest to get your vote.

And yes, Pete Weldon is a Leary instrument. He makes no bones about it. He says it’s his blog and he intends for it to be one sided. One mustn’t look to him for an unbiased version of events or the candidates. Mackinnon bashing is the order of the day as is bashing of Mackinnon supporters at the Weldon blog site. I agree with Pete Weldon about one thing. It is his blog. Maybe Mackinnon has mouthpieces too. I just don’t know of any. And that’s pretty refreshing.
any of them

Dayna Priest
March 4, 2015

Thank you, Sally Flynn, for your letter. It prompted me to get my head out of the clouds. I have been ignoring this race intentionally.

Thank you, Winter Park Voice, for videotaping the showdowns. My family is thankful because we could not attend. Reviewing the discourse–all of it–with my 15-year old son is enlightening.

May God bless and protect our town and state.

Ed Sabori
March 4, 2015

Steve Leary and Cindy Mackinnon each made a mistake. Cindy for her part, given another shot at a Sentinel interview with all the cameras rolling and knowing what she knows now, would not make the mistake of using the term Negro Town without first checking the plats. That said, her mistake does not a racist make! Knowing Cindy the way I do, I can honesty say she is no racist. So to her I say, admit the error and move on.

Regarding Steve Leary’s mistake, his assumption that residents on the Westside and all of Winter Park would find the term Negro Town offensive or that Cindy’s statement about it was not factual, was misplaced. Obviously, he thinks it’s offensive, but that’s not the issue. At least that’s what I conclude from all the rhetoric. He should say so and move on! And the article in the East Orlando Post does not a “paid by the Steve Leary campaign” make.

Seems only people who want to change the focus from the issues both candidates have been hammering on are using the racist card as an issue. During the last few days before election day, let’s get back to why each candidate decided to run: To keep Winter Park as the best place to work, live and play in Florida.

March 4, 2015

Leary’s remarks don’t bother me in the least. So MacKinnon takes cover by declaring “negro town” is historically correct. You know what other terms are historically correct? EDITED BY WPV FOR EXTREME LANGUAGE ****. ****. ***. ********. ********* (especially historically accurate when talking with an African American male). Just because something is “historically correct” does not make it right for this time nor this place. Try again.

Thanks Neighbors!
March 4, 2015

To WPV .. thank you for providing this forum for us to speak and communicate despite the disparity in our thinking and positions in Winter Park matters.

Wow ! I am so glad to see Winter Parkers opening up here on the WPV. I *do not* have any intention of name calling here but I do want to address some of the published comments and hope this is not quashed.

To ‘Virgie Story’: Thank you very much for your thoughts. Many of us would agree with your final statement “choose a mayor based on facts and not falsities”.

To ‘Donna Gropper’: Ditto Ms Gropper!

To ‘J Tesnfeldt’: I agree .. the key word is “future” (in Winter Park).

To ‘Pete Weldon’: In regards to your questioning Ms Flynn on a “separate subject” regarding her contributions to the WPV and Anne Mooney. My heavens Pete! Are you ex-NSA ??? Just what business is it of yours how much *ANYONE* contributes to WPV or Ms Mooney? Neighbor, maybe it’s time for some re-examination Pete. This about an election and not about Ms Flynn’s personal finances.

To ‘Jeff’: I don’t know how long you have lived in Winter Park Jeff but let me say, some might agree that Steve Leary may not represent many of the regular common folk in Winter Park. Let’s wait until something is happening to affect *your* life or near your home to see if you still stand by your statement that you believe Steve is a “masterful politician”.

To ‘Business Manager’: Bless you Business Manager. Your eyes are wide open and unobstructed.

To ‘Definitetly not Peter Weldon’: You may have a good point here neighbor.

And finally to ‘Beth Hall’: I can’t be in any more agreement.

Ms Mooney, if you post my comment I thank you! For any who I may have offended sorry. I love this town and I think it’s time for the city, i.e., city, mayor and commission to be governed by those who truly care about this city and not growth of the town and possibly their pocketbooks via growth. These are my thoughts and opinions and I’m sticking by them !!

David Congdon
March 4, 2015

Thank you very much. I very much agree.

March 4, 2015

To the person that complained, ” This editorial is so blatantly one sided, ” I would suggest that you don’t quite understand what an editorial is.

March 4, 2015

Holy cow! Why can’t people just lighten up already!

March 5, 2015

: As someone who tends to vote for Republican candidates in state and national elections, I find myself supporting the same candidates as many Democratic friends do in local elections. For the same reason I oppose Obama for his empty rhetoric and lies, I oppose Steve Leary.

It’s important to note ..
March 5, 2015

this is what Judge Belvin Perry had to say yesterday: Wednesday, March 04, 2015

>It has been my practice to stay out of partisan politics but I simply cannot stay silent and watch this blatant partisan political tactic to spark sensational news coverage just to hurt Cynthia Mackinnon. I worked closely with Cindy in the circuit court system and without question she is without prejudice and has always advocated equality for all. I am disgusted at the ease with which her opponent has chosen to use race to fabricate an issue in the hopes of discrediting her. No one with Cindy’s integrity should be subjected to such horrifically dishonorable and cheap tactics.

>Belvin Perry

Ret. Chief Judge, Orange County Circuit Courts

Nancy Miles
March 5, 2015

I am just one of many volunteers in a truly non-partisan campaign working to get a wonderful, open minded and experienced woman elected as our next Mayor. I did not think twice about helping our candidate who is a registered Democrat and whoa, gasp, chose to support the Obama campaign. The fact that I worked hard for Mitt Romney is about national issues and has nothing to do with my city.

When I saw that the Winter Park Republican Woman’s Club was financially supporting the Leary campaign I challenged them about getting involved in what is supposed to be a party-neutral race. I was told they felt they had the right to do this. I guess I was naïve, since just a few years ago many of that same group supported Sarah Sprinkel, a Democrat, even though there was a Republican candidate in that race. I realized that by walking streets for Cynthia Mackinnon I was violating the club bylaws and I resigned from a club that I had actively supported on the state and national level.

Ms. Mackinnon waved off any support offered by the Democratic party as being inappropriate in a non-partisan race, and I applaud her for that and also for her honesty about their offer. Her opponent appears to be completely fine with the many flyers mailed to our homes by the Orange County Republicans. If he tries to tell you that he did not request this support, well, that may be, but he certainly has not asked them to STOP or they would have followed his wishes.

While Ms. Mackinnon and I share a very similar vision for Winter Park and her opponent and I do not, let’€™s think about who is working hard to run as a non-partisan candidate as she is supposed to be and who is happy to take large handouts from the Orange County Republicans who do not live in our wonderful city.

March 5, 2015

Many posts here are from two female disgruntled “losers” from former elections with Ken Bradley, Sarah Sprinkel and Steve Leary. The whining and hipocracy they are throwing at Mr. Leary is embarrassing to all women!

March 5, 2015

From the beginning, the Orange County Democrats were supporting Cynthia MacKinnon. It was all over their website and their FaceBook page for to get people out for her campaign kickoff. They asked people to support the Democratic candidate while Ms. MacKinnon was trying to claim she was an independent. Organize Now was helping to recruit volunteers to walk.

And then the unthinkable…the Board of Directors of the Winter Park Republican Womens Club, almost unanimously, voted to endorse him. The horror!!!! A small group of eight women voted. It does not cost money to endorse. Allegations are being made that the club financially supported Mr. Leary – that is a blatant lie. While personal contributions have been made, no money has been donated by the club.

It was only after Mr. Leary received support from the republican party that Ms. MacKinnon decided to ask the Democratic Party to withdraw their support. Seems to me that it was no longer convenient because it made it easier for her to claim he made it a partisan race.

As for the “racist” comment…Never once did Mr. Leary refer to Ms. MacKinnon as racist. Go back and listen to news clips, read your papers. It was Ms. MacKinnon that used that word. Mr. Leary said it was inappropriate and divisive. Obviously the people from that part of town agreed with Mr. Leary from the comments during the WFTV interview.

So far, I have heard nothing from Ms. MacKinnon about her “vision” for Winter Park. It has merely been one attack on her opponent after another. Could that mean she has no “vision”?

One thing is for sure…if someone can twist the truth as much as Ms. MacKinnon and her staff are doing now, what can you expect if she wins?

Bud Foxx
March 6, 2015

It’s sad to see Ms. Flynn considers our only options to be “rampant development” and “keeping residents out of the know”, versus “careful managed growth” and ” transparency in government”.

False choices seem to be the basic building blocks of debate for a liberals.

Frank Hamner
March 26, 2015

After all of this, some folks are having a hard time accepting reality. Ms. McKinnon’s campaign, after raising as much as they could so the One Winter Parkers could finally hope to win an election after their last contribution to mayoral history was voted out after one term, after engaging in all the outright lies (not the most egregious of which is that Steve ever called Cynthia a racist) and outrageous innuendo their New York and Fort Lauderdale strategists could stir up, after trying to intimidate their way to a win (i.e., see Winter Park Chamber debate fiasco, ” We won’t show up if she asks the questions…”) and after having put up a candidate who had never even been to a City Commisssion meeting in recent pre-qualifying history…..LOST THE ELECTION.

Now there’s loser editorials attempting to remind Steve that his slim margin of victory is something less than a victory. What garbage! It’s no lack of mandate that Steve was voted in….it is an absolute mandate. After you all gave it your best shot with the most money and dirty tricks you could throw at it, he still won. At its core, this means that the majority of people who took the time to vote don’t believe in your platform or your negative campaigning. Don’t fool yourself into thinking anything other than this —your agenda is not the agenda the majority of folks want. Stop reading your own press releases.

I wholeheartedly respect the opinions of others, so long as I know who those others are. As to those who use a “Pseudonym,” as it is so graciously called by the editors of this blog, I was always taught to not say anything is I wasn’t prepared to stand behind. I will instead graciously call your use of the pseudonymic shield a lack of backbone.

False choices seem to be the basic building blocks of debate for a liberals.

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