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Kathryn Grammer
October 22, 2014

I’m not sure that Transit Oriented Development applies to 17-92 in Winter Park. In Winter Park, 17-92 is not only already developed but it’s on its way to being over-developed. If UniCorp envisions that its proposed Luxe mixed-used development at 17-92 and Morse as the “Gateway” to Winter Park, then it needs to be in keeping with the size and scale already established. The only other project similar in density is the one under construction at Denning and Canton. Does that mistake justify another one?

October 22, 2014

Dear Voice,

As long time Winter Park residents we are appalled at the extent of development proposed along Orlando Ave. We oppose the Luxe extended zoning for even more residences, restaurants and retail business. I was hoping I’d be able to ride my bike to do shopping but if this is approved I’d be foolish to endanger my life in the kind of traffic we will have. This is becoming a town of restaurants and stores, high rises which close in our beautiful sky, pollute our air and over strain our resources.

I say yes to more green spaces, parks, bike trails, small family owned businesses, in good taste single family homes.

I say no to mega malls, mega stores, high rent districts that force out families who work hard and love their community.

What is guiding this kind of growth is big bucks. Not where I want to live, sorry.

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