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We the Residents  October 11, 2014

In the American form of government, the people are sovereign. Or to use another word,”boss.” In some countries the King or Queen is sovereign. Not here. It’s no accident that our Constitution begins with the words, “We the People.” In the organizational chart of the City of Winter Park government,the residents are at the top of the chart, and below the residents are the mayor and city commissioners. Before the City Commission chambers were remodeled in recent years, the City Commissioners actually sat several feet higher than they do today. The remodel was done so that residents speaking at the microphone could talk eye to eye with the mayor and commissioners.

Perhaps another remodel is needed, because it’s not American that Winter Park residents have to “fight City Hall.” The way the system is supposed to work is that the mayor, commissioners, and City boards wouldn’t dare, even for a second, consider approving anything that the residents would not support. Residents shouldn’t have to fill city commission chambers and spend months negotiating, or gathering signatures on petitions, just to keep Winter Park, what it should be – Winter Park.

Oh, yes and the City Commission chambers additional remodel? Put the mayor and commissioners seats on the FLOOR of the Commission chambers, like the U.S. Congress does. And build tiered stadium seating (like at the movie theater) for the residents to sit in in front of them, so that no politician sits higher than any resident during a City Commission or City board meeting. Then the politicians, might start to get the idea of how government is supposed to work around here, and that their only job is to serve and represent all Winter Park residents according to the Constitution, and one nation under God.

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