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Kaleb Thomas Clare
July 30, 2015

As a regular patron of the WP Library (both as a resource for continuing personal development and education as well as a resource for home environment through great movie and music selection, I believe the library should remain structurally where it is as it seems much more centrally located tab the MLK Park area.

I firmly believe that a community that invests in a resource such as its public library should be equally “obtainable” (through policy, environment AND location) to all of its residents.

Moving the library to the proposed location does not serve the community members equally. Though I will make the necessary sacrifice to go to the new location if it indeed follows through, I find it both unnecessary and lacking a legitimate reasoning to move it from its present location.

(A Note: Many of us use public transportation and (such as myself) a bicycle for much of my local transportation.)

Gary Barker
July 28, 2015

To Ms. Chele Hipp, who wrote: “The Task Force turned a blind eye to siting both the Civic Center and the Library on the west side of the park.” This assertion is incorrect. The Task Force gave the west side of MLK Park its full consideration.

Rebekkah Wilson
July 26, 2015

I go to the library on a pretty regular basis, and usually by bicycle with my children. I prefer the current location for its close proximity to downtown and the ability to ride my bicycle without too much traffic interference. The current location is on the edge between the residential corridor and the downtown. People can walk to the library or ride bikes and make it a family event without worry about too much traffic. I agree with the editorial comments from the article.

Kathryn Grammer
July 25, 2015

I attended two library task force presentations in addition to the one held in chambers at city hall. The idea of putting the library in MLK park did not appeal to me at first, but the task force made a persuasive case for doing so. For one thing the site would not require a parking garage. The present site as well as the one for city hall would require building a multilevel garage.

In a perfect world I would support a new library at the downtown post office. Maybe the PO distribution site could move to Lee Road and the retail part remain. I don’t think that that option is on the table.

bruce stephenson
July 24, 2015

Excellent!!! Compare John Nolen’s 1926 civic center plan (with a library) for Clewiston with the proposal to merge the Winter Park Civic Center and a new library. Civic centers were designed with a “dignity and appropriate beauty,” Nolen wrote, to inspire “ennobling influence” and crystalize civic impulses into “action for the public good.” Here is the link:

Jon Ramer
July 24, 2015

We need to expand vertically/horizontally at the present location. Look next door. I believe a visioning will agree with the Bendicks and me to stay out of the park.

Terry Bryant
July 24, 2015

As the other “citizen in the Chamber”, and one of our most valuable, thank you for continuing the library conversation in your publication and for promoting its relationship to Visioning. Wider community participation is consistent with the recommendation from at the recent Commissioners’ Workshop.

For a small, active community at this transitional period in our history, visioning is especially timely.

Geri Rybacki
July 24, 2015

I moved to WP as a child in 1962. Went to Park Avenue Elementary, enjoyed the library at it’s former site – across from the WP Women’s Club on Interlachen. So the current library is the “new” library to me. I do understand that change can be tough.

I now am a snowbird – spending part of the year in WP. I’ve been following along in the library story through my mother. Mom was initially skeptical about moving the library – she loves that she can walk there! But after attending many of the meetings/forums regarding the search, she is now a supporter of the move.

I’m wondering if there is a widely agreed-upon definition of what “downtown” is in WP? Is it just the Park Avenue shops and restaurants? Is the current library considered “downtown” Does it include businesses beyond the railroad tracks? Hannibal Square? The businesses on Morse? How about Canton?

I don’t agree that the proposed location is so pedestrian unfriendly. There seem to be plenty of sidewalks. The addition of the library will increase the pedestrian destinations on that important Morse corridor.

According to Google Maps, walking from the corner of Morse and Park Avenue to the current library is approximately 0.4 miles and takes about 8 minutes. Walking from the same corner to the proposed site is approximately 0.6 miles and should take about 12 minutes. Not such a hardship. Mom will still be able to walk if she likes.

It’s not as if the proposal is to move the library to Lee Road next to I-4. It seems to me this has been very carefully considered and should move forward.

nancy shutts
July 23, 2015

Respectfully, I disagree with everything you have presented here. After reading or listening to nearly everything the task force researched, I believe their decisions and thought process is in the best interest for all residents of our community. The visioning process does not appear to include details about a project that the community has already had a year to give their opinion on.

C Girand
July 23, 2015

Like the idea of a new updated library within walking distance! We have recently moved into the downtown area near the farmers market and we enjoy living on a residential street within walking distance to the post office, the hardware store, shops and restaurants.

Stu and jan Omans
July 23, 2015

Wonderful letter Bob and Jill. You have said what we feel and just wanted you to know we are with you in your efforts to keep our library in downtown Winter Park. Moreover, we feel the idea of moving and rebuilding a library in the 17-92/Denning corridor is a thoughtless move destined to kill the spirit of our beloved community. We are saddened to think there may be a go ahead regardless of the well being of our community.

And we definitely support a referendum.

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