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Geri Throne / October 28, 2014 / Read & Input Comments

Gary Brewer, who served as Winter Park commissioner and mayor during the 1980s and 90s, told the Voice today he intends to run again for the WP Commission. 

Brewer said he plans to file next week for the seat being vacated by Steve Leary, who this week announced his run for WP Mayor. 

Also today, former Florida Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Mackinnon followed up her recent campaign treasury filing with a candidacy announcement calling for “A new type of leader.” 

Mackinnon pledged to “build consensus” among Winter Parkers, vowing to change the climate of governance that has sent the city “careening from one crisis of its own creation to another by promoting policies and projects that lack community support.” 

Click the button below to see the full text of Mackinnon’s announcement. 

Commissioner Leary declined a Voice request for a candidacy statement.

Mackinnon Announcement

Mackinnon Treasury Filing

Leary Treasury Filing

Read & Input Comments 

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