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Editor’s Note: The Winter Park Voice received this comment from an anonymous reader. It was not written by anyone affiliated with the Winter Park Voice.

July 19, 2015

The surveys were NOT provided to The Voice directly from survey respondents.

The Voice received them only after the mayor had them for several months.

There was no verifiable chain of custody provided that would guarantee that the surveys were not tampered with prior to their delivery to The Voice.

The Voice cannot verify that all the surveys completed and returned to the mayor were provided to The Voice, nor can The Voice be certain that the surveys were not altered by anyone prior to their delivery to The Voice.


1) “Gateways” scored the highest in the “more funding” needed question.

2) The mayor happens to have an ownership interest in Winter Park gateway properties.

3) The mayor handed over the surveys to The Voice in allegedly the same condition as he received them.

4) The mayor has not shared his method for who received a survey and who did not.

5) The percentages shown in the graphs have never been proven to be a representative, validated, statistically significant reflection of how Winter Park residents or voters think about these issues. We don’t even know for sure what percentage of surveys were completed by actual Winter Park residents, or for that matter if anyone competed multiple surveys. All we know is that this is what the mayor SAYS he got. Perhaps a “reality check” is to ask yourself, if you were asked the same question, would you have responded that “Gateways” should be a higher priority funding need than ANYTHING ELSE in the City?

If not, then as the saying goes: “Take it… with…a grain…of… salt.”

Mike Galyean
July 19, 2015

The city should be ashamed that there are no public restrooms in the downtown area. The train station is not open most of the time and the people who come to our city via the Sunrail to eat, drink and shop have no restroom at or near the Sunrail station. Since the restrooms in the train station are not available when the station is not open and there are no other restrooms for public use close by, where are visitors to our city supposed to find appropriate facilities?. My wife has told me that when she is walking in the morning, she has been stopped several times by people getting off the Sunrail needing a restroom and asking where one would be available. This is an improvement that needs to be made immediately.

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