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Pat Handwerk
May 20, 2015

Thank you to both you and the members of the committee for the hours of work and dedication to the future of Winter Park Library.
Our Winter Park citizens who step up and volunteer are the strength of the community and should be appreciated no matter what the project or position.

Kim Allen
May 20, 2015

Thank Jeffry for your obvious hard work on behalf of our community! Keep up the good work.

Gloria Jaffe
May 20, 2015

As a long time user of the WP Library, I hate to see it moved. However, I realize a new structure is needed. The sticking point is where it should be built.
PLEASE don’t put it on Denning….too much traffic…not a good walking area. The closer it can be to downtown, the better for senior citizens and children.

Bill Walker
May 20, 2015

Jeffrey’s comments are on point and I encourage citizen support for a new library structure. My observation is that when we say “library” most of us have a mental memory lock on “library” features of the past and with which we matured from childhood. Mine is not only on the books, but the delicious pre-air conditioning coolness in the summer of the basement in the marble Mellon Library in Palatka where I was a child and found refuge from the heat.

Those days are gone, and we are called to think in new ways on new things.

Leonard Feinberg, Architect
May 20, 2015

As I stated in a recent Commission meeting it is my belief that the Library Task Force and the City have overlooked the true opportunity to maximize the use of the existing City Hall site and Library site to accomplish two important goals, a New Library and a New City Hall. Both belong in the heart of the City where they have been a long time. It can be accomplished in the following way.

1) Design a new City Hall on the existing Library site.
2) Design a new Library on the existing City Hall site.
3) Relocate the Library temporarily for two years into office or warehouse space.
4) Tear down the existing Library
5) Build the new City Hall on the Library site
6) Move the existing City Hall offices to the new City Hall
7) Tear down the existing City Hall
8) Build the New Library in a U shape form facing Park Ave with a outdoor sculpture and reading garden.
9) Relocate the Library from it’s temporary quarters into it’s new crystal glass building on Park Avenue

This is the approach that in my opinion the residents of Winter Park will support whole heartedly. City Hall is a destination driven public building that can be a few blocks off Park Avenue yet in the heart of the City.

The Library is not only destination driven. The New Library will entice residents and visitors alike into its sculpture and reading garden and into its heart. It will become the focus of a great rebirth of energy and intellect utilizing the art of Architecture, good planning and fiscal responsibility to accomplish its goals.

Book Reader
May 22, 2015

We’ve heard this song before.

Last time, it was that Winter Park “needed” a new minor league baseball stadium.

Same tune. Different verse this time.

Again, they are telling us, “We are falling behind!”

Again, we are told what we have, “isn’t enough!”

$5 million to remodel the existing library?


That’s like saying it will cost $100,000 to remodel your kitchen, so go build a new house instead. Never telling you that a $20,000 kitchen renovation would make you just as happy. And you wouldn’t even have to leave the old neighborhood.

The part about the new libraries in Sarasota, Ft. Meyers, and Cedar Rapids sounds a lot like when they were telling us about the other minor league baseball cities. What other cities are doing matters little to Winter Park residents. Just because the Eifel Tower, the London Bridge, and the White House are impressive buildings, doesn’t mean taxpayers should be building them here.

Haven’t heard anything to convince me that a new library would be good for Winter Park residents. It just means more traffic when people from Orlando, Oviedo, Maitland, Altamonte, and Longwood drive in to use OUR new library.

But that’s their whole idea. More development. More traffic. One less historic building. Less park and green space. And they’ll tell us, “It’s for the kids.”

Chele Hipp
June 26, 2015

Amen! Amen! Amen! I’ve been screaming this point for months at the Task Force meeting! I’m so grateful that you have put these thoughts under your signature.

Those days are gone, and we are called to think in new ways on new things.

Sally Flynn
June 26, 2015

First, many thanks to the Library Task Force for all their diligent work. That being said, I love what Leonard Feinburg has written. How wonderful to keep both City Hall and the Library in the core of the City. I beleive the Library site should not be sold, this would insure that it would not be sold. I understand the added expense but maybe it would be worth it.

If that just cannot happen then I like Joe Terranova’s idea. I am against disturbing the green space or Park land that is MLK, Jr Park.

Whatever the decision, this must go to referendum. To make a choice without a vote of the Tax Payers would be unconscionable

June 26, 2015

I still feel those who want a new library in Winter Park probably do not use the present location every day. So the growing list of books being shelved currently exceed shelving limits. Why not check to see what books have not been checked out for years and sell them off for a penny apiece like Amazon does? Make room for popular volumes. The Murrah Center is the best building in town for bringing together groups for large attendance such as city informational programs or the Peacock Ball that will take place November 20th. Why are we in such a hurry to change the town? Slow down and enjoy what you have. Many other cities wish they had it.

June 26, 2015

May I second the argument of Mr. Terranova to giving more thoughtful consideration of locating the Library. While I am a recent émigré from Winter Park I still have standing to offer a suggestion as I am property owner and plan in time to return to the city at 137 West Webster where I shall spend all eternity.

If the principle that guides the decisions of a municipality’s leadership is so act as the greatest good will be to the benefit of the greatest number, then I say the new library should stand at the opposite end of the road that anchors Rollins college at one end and to arise as a stately majestic structure at the other end of Park Avenue somewhere on the Golf Course at the other end.

The Gold course was as victim of ungrateful citizens for having prevented its owner, Dr. Hugh McKean, former President of Rollins College, from his vision of endowing the City with a museum of architectural elegance that that would have been befitting as a home for his art collection which was the envy of many museums. Mr. McKean was forever saddened by that tragic personal reversal by the city’s leadership acting under the banner of “saving green space”.

The city now has another opportunity to do the right thing. I’m certain there are more citizens who benefit from the presence of the library than the fewer number of citizens who play the game of golf, sometimes. I am equally certain that a reduced dimension of the number of holes from nine to five, for example, to meet a players delight where playing a round of five holes twice should provided enough pleasure as playing nine holes once. And if it should come to a day when the challenge of the game has become a bore as the players consistently make a hole -in- one with every hole then, perhaps, thought can be give to making the five hole more difficult can be provided in some manner in the future; meanwhile all citizens, man, women and child will be the beneficiaries of the pleasure of a first class library for a first class city.

Bill Bryan
June 26, 2015

I agree with Joe. His comments are right on regarding saving one of the last nesting bird habitats in the city.

Pitt Warner
June 26, 2015

I like the corner location. The rendering on page 45 in the Final Report (2 story building, civic center stays) is my preference. This allows for expansion, 2 stories isn’t visually overwhelming, easy access from major roads, MLK park gets more than recreation.

Daniel Butts
June 27, 2015

The Task Force’s recommendation was the “northern sector of MLK Park”, which includes the current Civic Center site. I am glad Joe agrees that this area is appropriate for a Library. If the Commission advances the effort, further study can determine exactly where along Morse Blvd- somewhere between Harper and Denning – the Library is best suited, and whether a new Civic Center is a part of that plan. Exciting stuff!

Brian Furey
June 27, 2015

I agree with Joe. Augmenting or tearing down the existing civic center makes good sense. This would optimize the use of this land, while preserving the natural setting. The CC is underutilized and this recreation would present an opportunity for a multipurpose facility ( learning, celebration, and community activities).

Kathryn Grammer
June 27, 2015

I support the Task Force’s recommendation to build a new library on the northeast corner of MLK park. Rather than detract from the park, I believe a new library, done well, will enhance the existing green space. I am particularly pleased to see heavy landscaping of the proposed parking lot, similar to the award-winning lot designed by Bert Foster at the Landmark building on the corner of Orange and 17-92.

Migrating birds will not be bothered by the new structure; rather many more people will enjoy them from the library’s proposed overlook.

I don’t believe that the Hannibal Square Community Center could substitute for the Rachel Murrah Civic Center. The Community Center was once used for the Peacock Ball but proved to be inadequate. The existing Civic Center holds numerous shows and exhibitions which would be too large for the Community Center.

I do not support any proposal that would require the building of a parking garage. Such an option whether under or above ground, or a little of both, should be off the table. The present location as well as a City Hall site would have to include parking garages. I doubt we’d be getting one as attractive as the SunTrust garage. Moreover, there’s a widely held perception that garages are not safe.

Thanks to the Task Force and to Sam Stark for his great presentations. I initially was not in favor of the MLK location, but after attending several meetings and presentations, I am persuaded and am enthusiastically on board.

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