Join the WP Voice Facebook Group

Public Group for Winter Park Readers

The Winter Park Voice joins the world of facebook with the introduction of the new  group.


 The page is now live, so you can join it with your facebook account to read and make posts.

This is a public group with minimal moderation.  We ask that people be respectful of one another when expressing their points of view. Many of you will express opinions that other readers find controversial, but we do not plan to censor anything except personal attacks, personal advertising and inappropriate language.

Write about the 2015 election or policies that affect those of us who live and work in Winter Park.  Mention the latest Voice news story or add your own subject, as long as it fits within the mission of group – that is, Winter Park.

If you are new to facebook, write me at and someone will contact you with pointers on how to create an account.  If you already have a facebook account, just click the link above. Select JOIN and you will be added shortly.

Look for Voice news stories to be posted to the group. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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