New 53-unit multi-family proposal near Winter Park Village up for vote

The development, known as Winter Park Commons, has gone through a series of changes leading up to next week’s debate

Oct. 19, 2023

By Beth Kassab

Miami-based developers are seeking approval Wednesday for 53 units of mostly rental townhomes. The proposed location for the units is between Swoope and Webster Avenues, less than a block from Winter Park Village.

The project, known as Winter Park Commons, by Miami real estate developer Carlos Ortiz, underwent significant changes to respond to concerns from city staff about potential flooding, tree preservation, aesthetics and parking.

The City Commission will consider a revised version of the proposal that calls for the demolition of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church that was sold to the developer in 2019. The Planning & Zoning board voted 3-2 to recommend the following conditions:

  • The five parcels involved (a combined 4.5 acres) will be combined to one and that the single-family units now included in the plan will be shown as individual lots so they could potentially be sold that way in the future.
  • No changes within a 20-foot radius of three live oak trees in the interior of the project.
  • The seven single-family homes to be built on Capen Avenue must show architectural diversity and can not be the same in terms of style or color.
  • The newly required water retention areas must include new cypress trees as well as perimeter landscaping.
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Renderings show architectural inspiration for the proposed seven single-family units included in the Winter Park Commons development.

The developer already agreed to add additional stormwater retention — enough to hold 3 inches of water rather than the 2 inches required by code — to ease concerns about how the development might contribute to the special flood hazard area.

The seven single-family homes in the plans were originally townhome duplexes, but concerns about compatibility with the neighborhood drove the change.

Staff said the development is likely to result in the new residents parking on Capen, Swoope and Callahan avenues.

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